I thought I knew what wealth and health meant. I thought wealth was the highest number in my bank accounts and that health was the lowest number on the scale.  

In other words: wealth = money & health = skinny. I came to these conclusions throughout my life - from family, friends, colleagues, and media. From society, culture, and prevailing trends. These pervasive beliefs formed unconsciously and subconsciously, rooted in a fundamental lack of self-worth and a disconnect from my true desires.

All that changed when I stepped into my purpose and onto my path. This is the journey I share in everything I do now - from the heart - and anchored in my Soul. 





Like you, I am complex, nuanced, and ever-evolving. Like you, I've experienced personal tragedy and personal triumph. Like you, I seek more. More meaning and more fulfillment on my terms. I've learned how to achieve that by redefining words and reconstructing concepts. By shifting my perspective, harnessing my intentions and activating a constructive mindset. By reconnecting with my Soul, and my deepest, driving desires.

Personally, I've overcome multiple health issues including a chronic autoimmune disorder since I was 16 years old, eating disorders and disorderly diets, sudden hearing loss, and hormonal issues that affected me physically, psychologically and emotionally. I began to explore meaning and mindfulness in my 20's but it wasn't until I made a fateful decision to leave a 'good life' that changed my path forever. I have been slowly digging my Soul out from under my ego ever since. 

Professionally, I am an entrepreneur and have worked in finance, technology, real estate, and media. I've started companies, developed brands and launched careers. I've bootstrapped, crowdfunded, raised venture capital, and angel invested. I've "lost it all". I haven't hit the jackpot. I fall, get back up and try again. And again. And again. With resilience, we can reach the other side of any situation.

Today, my personal path of spiritual growth has converged with my path through business and finance to create a career where I am a bridge between worlds. Merging all my skills and knowledge, and aligning to my dharma through intention, I create meaningful change in myself, in others, and the world at large. My purpose is clear and aligned: to lead people into self-mastery and empowerment through various methodologies and practices. I am your guide as you make your way home to your soul. 

I wrote my graduate dissertation on the role of emotional intelligence in intercultural management, I'm trained in yoga and mindfulness (50-hour chakra intensive and currently in a 300-hour advanced yoga-psychology program ending November 2018), I've completed the 'Playing Big' Facilitator's program, completed the Urban Priestess Mystery School, and I pursue ongoing training, healing modalities and education, including the Carolyn Myss Education program (CMED) and her Reflections Institute.

I'm proud to be a partner and facilitator with Anahata Conscious Living Institute and guest teacher at Into the Mystic Yoga Teacher Training.


digging my soul out from under my ego



I was one of three keynote speakers at the inaugural Truth Telling for Truth Seekers event in Los Angeles, CA in April 2018. The lineup included eleven incredible speakers, performers, comedians, and musicians.

This is a 20-minute talk where I tell the story about the moment my world, my picture-perfect life, came crashing down around me when I was 32 years old. It's the story of how I began digging my soul out from under my ego. 

At this stage in my life, after 20 years of being in business, living in 5 countries, starting companies, launching brands, guiding entrepreneurs, and constantly exploring the depths of myself through personal development, behavioral psychology, yoga and mindfulness, I am passionate about sharing what I've learned. I started Real Wealth Real Health as a way to reconnect to my own creativity, passion and purpose.

Whether large or small groups, workshops, retreats, a stage or a conference room, I love connecting with people and helping them see their own journeys, their purpose, their dharma, and reconnecting them with their deep, driving desires.

My life’s journey, path, and purpose are to help more people flourish and thrive rather than chase and survive.
— AdaPia