Real Wealth, Real Health: A Platform And A Purpose

The idea for Real Wealth, Real Health came to me several months ago. I had just walked away from an enduring and difficult love-hate relationship with a job that, in many ways, defined me. I left a company that I grew and I felt like I abandoned many people I cared about. 

I was lost. I felt a sense of worthlessness. I was not working and, as my logic at the time had it, I was, therefore, doing nothing. It felt like I was making no progress; I was stalled and stuck. In my own head.

The reality is that I needed time. Downtime. Time to think, to pull myself together, to sort through all the events, feelings and thoughts that were swirling through my head. Initially, I rejected the notion completely and carried on at my usual pace. I kept busy as though nothing had changed. Until, finally, I crashed. 

In my forced downtime, I began to sense very strongly that there was something - bigger and more important - that I wanted to share. Something beyond a job or a role. I kept asking myself, "How can I make a meaningful contribution to the world?" I felt a deep desire to share ideas and concepts that could make a real impact on people's lives.

I realized that I wanted to share my own story and insights so that others could learn something valuable and apply this to their own situations. But I also felt shame, guilt, and judgment rising up from that nasty little voice - that singular neural pathway holding me back from fully expressing myself. Shadows were holding me back from personal empowerment, from my voice, and from believing, with conviction, that what I have to offer is both wanted and needed.

I've built platforms and brands for many other companies and individuals. I absolutely love it when creators and entrepreneurs bring their gifts - with full force and conviction - into the world. It's why I love to work with them; advising, mentoring and coaching. The personal brand is especially close to my heart. It is an expression of self, and, if understood and 'executed' correctly, leads to self-realization and self-actualization. It can be a portal to freedom, joy and purpose! Truly, it is magical. 

Initially, I thought about making my dog an Instagram brand. I mean, Manny the Frenchie is cute, but surely Barrington could be a star! And if I put my mind to it, I could absolutely pull it off. It didn't take me long to come up the skeleton plan, complete with hashtags, themes, and a narrative, while daydreaming about his photoshoots. These fun thoughts led to research, deep observation, more swirling, a strong of dose of reason, and a hit of intuition.

What I actually wanted, but could not admit to myself, is that I wanted to create a platform - "my" platform - from which I could share and connect with other women about topics that were meaningful and relevant to me. Topics that hit home and hit hard. Topics that we don't always talk about as openly or transparently as we think we do. Topics that have been a constant source of striving, struggle, and "success" not only for me, but for many people. Mostly, I wanted to have real conversations, as a woman, with other women, about topics that are often misunderstood, distorted, and taboo: 

Wealth and Health. 

Real Wealth, Real Health.

I started putting initial thoughts together, and over the months, despite consulting and taking a full-time leadership position in a new finance firm, I never stopped thinking about it or working on it, even if it was an hour a week. I would also get 'hits' or 'signs' - usually in the form of ideas or ah-ha moments where I thought, "this would be perfect for Real Wealth, Real Health!" 

Fast forward to the 2017 Eclipse season and a series of coincidental events, conversations and insights that made it very clear to me that if I wanted to make something of this, then I had better begin. Truly begin. Get it out there! So here I am, excited about taking another plunge into misty and unknown waters with a platform that is finally my own (not a client's).

Wealth and health are tangible. They are real. They are deep and nuanced. I want to explore these topics from multiple angles and to dig deep into their meanings. I want to provide the blueprint for a new mindset around wealth and health, as well as actionable strategies and tools to make lasting change.  

Finally, I want to have real conversations with others about these highly charged and personal topics. Shame, guilt, judgment and fear will be dropped. This is a safe space of release and discovery. These will be conversations that we can all learn from, be inspired by, and keep close to our hearts.  

Real Wealth, Real Health is about

~wealth and health beyond the perspective of money and finance or health and wellness, but also as they apply to relationships, career, family, and personal fulfillment.

~discovering the truth of who we are, and tools and strategies to help us in our quest to live a fulfilling life.  

~self-confidence, self-realization, self-love, and self-compassion.

I’ve learned countless lessons through pain, challenge, loss, and failure.  I'm grateful for the lessons and the growth. I've never stopped moving forward. There is so much work to do to raise the collective consciousness, to respect ourselves and each other as nothing short of Goddesses, and to openly face and speak about these essential pillars of the very real world that we live in. 

It took a lifetime to get here. And I am ready for this. 

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