Real Wealth Real Health Podcast

Through my personal journey, which I describe as digging my Soul out from under my ego, I've come to understand wealth and health in a more holistic, fulfilling and healthy way. Like a mini-enlightenment, because I'm no Buddha, it's opened up my understanding to the power of words, the depth of beliefs, the magnitude of biases, the importance of emotions and energy, and the impact that thoughts have on our actions and outcomes. 

And how a shift in our mindset and perspectives can change everything.

The more I persist on this journey, which let's face it, is my normal life now, the more I am connecting with people who have inspiring stories of awakening or transformation and of living in alignment with their inner meaning. What they all have in common is that they have unlocked the importance of being in touch with their inner selves, their inner strength, and their core power - self-knowledge. 

For now, I am launching Real Wealth, Real Health. I hope this brings inspiration and value to everyone who listens. Episodes are scheduled every 11 days. Some of the topics and themes that I cover with my guests include: 

  • Stories about where they found meaning in their lives

  • Moments that defined the course of their life

  • Decisions they made to step UP and INTO their power and their purpose

  • What they've overcome and how they did it

  • The attitudes and attributes that give them strength

  • What gives their life meaning

  • Stories or insights about 'chasing' external validation or society-at-large's ideals and constructs versus following intuition and finding internal validation

  • Lessons about life and living that they've learned that can give listeners hope that they have the means and power WITHIN to make meaningful changes

  • If and HOW they've redesigned and redefined their lives to be in alignment with their deepest, driving desires.

It's a joy to begin this project, which had been an original part of my plan but I had not been able to fully call up the courage to start it. What was stopping me? Fear of judgment, fear of not knowing what I was doing, lots of inner critic dialogue and perfectionist tendencies. Also, the concept that I had to monetize it.

This was huge. And when I dissolved that false belief, I was able to jump in with both feet! This is a project of love and passion, not a project to make residual income. If one day, this becomes possible - if it grows and if like-minded companies, brands or communities wish to support me, then I welcome all of it with open arms.

Update: In August I began to incorporate personal insights into each podcast episode. In personal insights I cover astrology, archetypal patterns and cosmic consciousness that is affecting our collective consciousness as well as our personal lives at the moment based on what I'm reading and feeling, as well as my personal stories around my constant inner work, self-reflection practice and the way I'm showing up in the world. I adore doing these little sessions as it gives me the opportunity to explore issues and subjects that come up for me, and which are common issues for many others. I hope you are enjoying those as well!

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