Moon circles, Goddess circles.


Women seeking connection to other women in ways that can only be experienced in the feminine way.

In sacred circle.

As a conscious sisterhood.

To be experienced with open hearts and quiet minds.



moon circle magic

with ritual, prayer and invocation, we attune energetically - landing, clearing & releasing. making space to invoke our highest intentions, checking in with the stars, the myths, the symbols and the numbers of each lunation, and engaging into meaningful conversation and experiential sharing in a sacred, supported space of pure, divine, conscious feminine sisterhood.


Divine Feminine Friday is a gathering for those who thrive in a tribe,

who know that a group of fierce feminine leaders - warriors, priestesses, lionesses - make a pride. 


Are you in the LA area and looking to connect to other conscious leaders?

If so, please join us!

Circles are held monthly, usually around the New Moon.


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upcoming circles


Friday, DECEMBER 14th, 2018


Friday, JANUARY 4th, 2019


Friday, february 1st, 2019


the divine feminine is an energy. a force. it is within yet will no longer stay inside ...

These are exciting, shifting times for women - especially light workers and healers. There is an unprecedented opportunity to stand up, be seen, speak your truth, be heard, make change, be a leader, own your value, and make an impact.
— AdaPia d’Errico