Wealth and health are pillars of life along with relationships, love, family and career. They drive thought, action, behavior, and habit. The meaning of real wealth and real health are individual. The real meaning of anything is personal. Dare I say, "let's ditch the dictionary"?!

I found my path to meaning through exploring my relationship to the concepts of wealth and health. My intention is to help you find your personal meaning and live your most fulfilling life in alignment with your deep, driving desires.

Wealth and health are hot and perennial topics of conversation, books, blogs, and multi-billion dollar industries. They have become marketing messages to fuel consumption, and the chasing of ideals and achievements dictated by a patriarchal culture and industrial-era mentality. The common definitions of wealth and health shouldn't be a blanket statement for everyone or a marketing message for the masses. 

They are not statements to be worn like a standard uniform. We, as individuals, don’t wear a common concept for anything, no matter how many people may seem to agree on something. Though we are all subject to influences from advertising, stereotypes or social circles, we each have unique concepts of wealth and of health. We have unique beliefs around what it means to be successful and to live a fulfilling life. 

By aligning to our soul-centered desires, aspirations and inspirations, we make a commitment to ourselves and to the meaning we seek.  On this journey, we take life-affirming steps towards our own empowerment, creativity, and fulfillment. 

— AdaPia d'Errico


The questions, “What is real wealth?” and “What is real health” don’t have a single, definite answer.  My concepts of wealth and health are personal. So are yours. Let's honor the common ground of individual truths as an authentic reflection of each of one us. Read more



If I can make a positive impact on someone's journey, I am fulfilling my purpose. Friends, family, confidantes, mentors, teachers and advisors each play a unique role in our lives. I offer myself as one such resource, uniting the dream with the bottom line. Work with me.