Your driving desires, aspirations and inspirations are achievable. It's a matter of redefining and aligning. The path to getting there is inside of you. Together we can put you on that path. I offer consultations, coaching, meditations and reflections that help with centering yourself back to ... yourself! To reconnecting with what holds meaning and value at the deepest levels. 



$10 AUDIO | $75 READING 

During these guided self-inquiry meditations, you'll go deep within to find your personal meanings of wealth, health and more.

The work is illuminating, inspiring and provides a tool to use whenever you need a reminder of what matters to you. 

Download the meditation self-inquiry audio files for wealth or health. Set aside 20-30 minutes of quiet, uninterrupted time. Get your journal, or simply a pen and paper.

Questions and prompts will guide you into reflection that you'll write out or record after.

With a personal reading, you'll send me your self-inquiry - whether that's an email, pictures of your journal pages or an audio file. I will send back, in writing, a personalized reading of the messages and wisdom reflected in your self-inquiry.

You'll also receive a personal mantra to use anytime you need to inspire positive changes. 



$225 | 75 minUTE SESSION 

Are you expressing your authentic, creative, brilliant, loving self? Do you want to live with more passion?

There are moments, days or weeks where we feel like we need a reset. Where we stop in our tracks. Where we realize we are caught in our crazy-busy lives. What happened? We need to reconnect with our deep desires.

We are chasing something, but even can't remember why. Sometimes, we don't even know what we are chasing.

In that precious moment when you stop, know that I am here to guide you. Together, we can find the light that leads you back to your intentions and values. Back to your Self and to what holds real meaning for you.

We all need a reset every once in a while. And a reminder of what matters.

Let's find out what your Heart and Soul are seeking and take steps to make it happen. 

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Are you feeling the pull towards meaning and purpose? Do you want to replace the need for external validation? Are you thriving? 

We all get caught in the chase and feel like we're merely surviving, crossing off to-do lists but never quite feeling satisfied. Where did our deep, driving desires go?

When you need guidance to hone in on your intense passion and reshape any area of your life, I will show you how to activate your personal power and creative potential.

Together, we'll work through mental constructs and outer realities, identify your driving desires, transform fear or self-doubt, and reclaim clarity, poise and purpose.

Make the mental shift from external to internal validation and powerfully show up in any situation with grace and confidence. 

Let's get you back on the path of personal meaning, authenticity, creativity and joy.

I am passionate about empowering women to reach their full potential, which is being expressed more and more through entrepreneurship and creative enterprise. I work one-on-one to provide insights, tools and strategies for creators, entrepreneurs, founders and business owners who want to take their brands - and themselves - to a new level. 

Companies are also realizing the importance of an inclusive and balanced leadership team, and the positive waterfall effects throughout an organization. I work with management teams to make impactful, meaningful changes to their workplace environments by integrating female leadership skills into the company culture.



As a young creative I found myself seeking guidance and experience during my transitionary period from formal education to what felt more like ‘real life’ creative practice. It’s a pivotal shift to go from the shelter and structure set by administrative authorities, to taking one’s own reigns. And nobody can ever really prepare someone for that. I’m so fortunate that I didn’t have to do it completely on my own, because I had the benefit of AdaPia’s experience, input, and care as I made steps towards who I wanted to be. Her knowledge and resourcefulness was always something that I felt an implicit trust in. And even when I had a new bridge to cross, whether it was in how I presented myself to the world, or connected with other constructive members in it, AdaPia’s pragmatic grounded-ness and creative ideating made those horizons more exciting than intimidating. Through her mentorship, I built my skills in real world professional communication and networking, branding and marketing, social media proficiency, negotiations and contract fluency, licensing and production, and a great many interpersonal skills in confidence, self-efficacy, personal and creative innovation, and a desire to adapt, thrive, and motivate myself and those around me. I can hardly imagine more meaningful gifts than these years of guided mentorship imparted to me, for which I am sincerely grateful and encouraged to pay forward in turn.
— Tasha Zimich,
AdaPia is one of those women who you can’t help be around. Her knowledge, creativity, and loving attitude on life draws you in and feeds your soul. I’ve been fortunate to work by her side. I’ve landed on one of my lucky stars to have her mentor me in my life and career as well.
— Noell Hernandez